Advocacy Day at the Arizona Capitol - President's Day 2023

Phoenix, AZ- Members of Promise Arizona descended on the Arizona State Capitol grounds to highlight the needs of the immigrant and Latino community across the state.


Sen. Catherine Miranda poses with PAZ members inside the Senate Gallery. 

Our members, which include new citizens, community leaders, and students drove home the importance of passing a budget that reflects all Arizonans and one that makes proper investments to lift families out of poverty. In addition, Promise Arizona along with partner organizations UnidosUS and National Partnership for a New America (NPNA) highlighted local efforts of naturalizing over 64,000 new citizens since 2016.


Moments like President’s Day present a unique opportunity for families to engage in their civic duty. Promise Arizona is an UnidosUS Arizona-based Affiliate, which also include 10 other local community-based organizations that invest more than $139 million and employ more than 1,700 staff to provide direct services to 329,000 Arizonans annually. Housing


The 2023 Policy Priorities for Arizona focus on several of the most pressing issues for Latinos in Arizona, including access to a quality public education, access to affordable healthcare, and housing security. UnidosUS and affiliates also monitoring additional policy issues in Arizona including voting rights, civil rights, immigration, and more.




Rep. Flavio Bravo, District 23, speaks to the PAZ members.

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