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In Arizona we take care of our own. That's why PAZ is continuing the fight to protect young immigrants and their families. We overcame the worse of SB 1070, and no pardon will erase the proud memory of the election win that ousted Joe Arpaio or the judge’s ruling that proved he was a criminal. 

The righteous struggle at hand is to fight for the rights and dignity of the hundreds of thousands of DACA DREAMers who have long called America home. We will not allow racism and xenophobia to spread fear across our communities.

The facts show DREAMers are vital to our communities and our economy. Ending DACA would lead to 685,000 fewer workers nationwide and the loss of more than $460 billion from our country’s GDP. PAZ is building bridges, not walls, to welcome the new Americans who want to strengthen our economies and make our nation stronger.

Ultimately, the solution is for Congress and the president to pass the DREAM Act and a humane and comprehensive immigration bill.

We will keep fighting to make that happen. Until it does, we will not sit idly and allow anyone to force us into the shadows. We will continue to stand for the ideals this country was built on -- even if the person holding our nation’s highest office will not.

#NoDreamerLeftBehind #NoDACALeftBehind

Who's donating: from Scottsdale, AZ donated. Thank you!

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