About PAZ


At Promise Arizona, we believe that building immigrant and Latino political power is key to bringing hope, dignity, and progress to our communities. We were born out of a passion for fairness and unity, and our organization strives to promote and harness the power of the Latino community in Arizona.

Promise Arizona aims to unite the millions of Arizonans who reject the divisive politics of immigrant-baiting, millions who believe in treating their neighbors with fairness and dignity. These like-minded individuals share a common interest in good jobs, a robust economy, quality education, and safe communities in which to raise children. We help connect individuals who share similar goals so that they may work toward a better Arizona by investing in statewide infrastructure and training a new generation of leaders.

As part of this movement, PAZ connects and helps train leaders to build confidence, promote Latino leadership, and encourage civic involvement in our communities.

Promise Arizona is led by Petra Falcon, a fourth generation Arizonan who is a mother of five children and six grandchildren. Petra has a deep investment in the state’s future. Her leadership builds on the work she has done over 25 years as a nonprofit community and faith leader in the state.

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