July 5: Voter Registration Deadline

The deadline for voter registration is coming up soon. Have you registered yet? Voting is your way of telling your government what you want and what we all need.

Not only does voting have power, but it gives us all a chance to make the right choice when it comes to voting and make sure we have solid, committed, consistent, and reliable people in the office.

WE don't want anyone in the office that can't do the little things for us, that can't help the ways of poverty, that only see skin colour and not inner colors.

We need people in the office with good intentions and know how to make their people happy with reassurance; trust is what we need. Therefore, by voting we ALL can have this and at the end of the day PEACE and EQAULITY is what is needed, not just for the people but for the world too.

Make sure you register before July 5 because your vote does matter! Thank you!

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