PAZ Spotlight: Sujei Zamorano

Meet one of Promise Arizona's volunteers, Sujei Zamorano.

This week she celebrates a milestone! Read more about her accomplishments!


In volunteering with Promise AZ's Community Wellness effort last year, Sujei knocked on over 8,000 doors to spread the word about the Covid-19 vaccine and successfully helped vaccinate over 300 people in South Phoenix. Sujei is a dedicated team member, mother, and wife. She grew up in a village in Sinaloa, Mexico before she immigrated to Phoenix, Arizona in 1995. Though things felt hard to accomplish in the U.S due to her immigration status, Sujei poured herself into her children's education. Her eldest son Brandon graduated from Phoenix College with a degree in Business Management. Another son, Juan A. has graduated Arizona State University and is pursuing a career as an Industrial Engineer. Sujei also has a daughter, Ariana, who is currently studying at Smith College in Massachusetts. When Ariana left for college, she and her mom made a deal that Sujei would continue to pursue her GED as well as English classes. 

Last week Sujei passed all of her tests and received her GED certificate just like she promised she would. Soon, she will start to purse her own college education. It is people like Sujei who are the heart and soul of Promise Arizona and whom without we would not succeed.

So, what's next for her..? The World!


- Your PAZ Familia🕊️

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