PAZ Spotlight: Angye Bernabe


Meet Angye Bernabe, a pioneer for Latinas in the construction business. Find out more about her story below!


major reason for her going into the construction business was that she was inspired by her dad. He was an immigrant that moved to the US in search of a better life. This meant having to work through 100+ degree heat daily. This is where he would find his wife and raise 4 amazing children.

He promised her a car when she made it to college which she drove all 4 years to get her bachelor's degree! She would graduate with a major in construction management and a minor in Business.

The perseverance and drive of her dad taught her a lot, so much in fact that it got her to follow in his footsteps and be in the construction business too! Today, she is a field engineer working on the ASU multipurpose arena alongside her dad! She is very excited and thankful to be working on her first project with her father!

Her main goal is to break barriers and make sure that the people in her space are heard because of issues such as  language barriers, genders, and ethnicity. She is doing this proudly and continues to make an impact on the community!


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