Take Action on Budget Plan

Please join us in calling Senator Flake and asking him to stand with us in this fight. 


Local: 602-840-1891        Washington DC: 1-202-224-4521

Senator Flake my name is _______  I am a volunteer with Promise Arizona .One of the reasons I am calling you is because I would like to thank you for your support with immigrants in the past.


Additionally, I would like  to ask you to support families friends and loved ones and as we are all human.No matter our differences most of us want to go through our lives and good health and to get fair treatment. Right now president trump wants to pick who lives long and happy and who will struggle and fight for for their rights according to the budget. The 1.5 billion dollar emergency funding will raise the detention of immigrants and the creation of a mass deportation force through hiring significant number of ICE and border patrol agents, among other priorities.These measures are harmful to immigrant communities,unpopular with the american public, and a waste of taxpayer dollars.


Thank you I appreciate the time you took to listen to me, and I hope you will continue to treat people as though we are all created equal.


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