President Obama to Deport Central American Children

On Christmas Eve, media outlets reported that the Department of Homeland Security planned raids to deport Central American children and adults who entered the United States seeking asylum and have had a final order of removal since January 1, 2014.

President Obama, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and ICE Director Sarah Saldana immediately must put an end to the raids of people’s homes, which terrorize families and rip them apart. If these families are deported -- and most of them would be women and children, they would be returned to places they fled to escape being killed, raped or tortured. Raids are an inhumane and unjust response to the humanitarian crisis that has caused thousands to flee the horrific realities of brutal violence.

Tell President Obama to STOP the raids against Central American children and families!

Call the White House at 866-473-5915.

Sample Script: "I'm from [City, State], I urge President Obama to immediately STOP plans to deport Central American children and families. These individuals are fleeing violence and should have access to legal counsel so that they can apply for asylum and protection in the United States."




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