MBT June 2019

Our Movement Building Training on June 29th, 2019 aimed to help develop leadership skills in order to promote positive change in our communities. We had discussions on story of self to help demonstrate how and why we need to voice our opinions. We informed our attendees about our campaign to vote NO on Prop 105, which is a great opportunity to make a difference in our communities.


"I was inspired by the energy level in the group. There is a connection, purpose, and commitment in people coming on time and staying all day long. I was impressed with the diversity-- age, gender, ethnicity. It represented the community. Teaching the fundamentals of movement training is important to really engage the community. That is why Promise Arizona is very loyal to the principles of building and organizing because we have seen its value in our past." - Petra





"I had the honor of leading a few sessions during the training and it was a blast. I was able to see our future leaders who I am confident will take the skills they developed here onto their own communities to organize for change. This was definitely a learning experience for future trainings, but I am happy to say that we deserve a gold star on keeping track of time." - Alexis 




"This was my first Movement Building Training and I learned many things, but most importantly, the importance of one-on-one connections. These connections can be strong and impactful in the lives of others, and can be used to influence change within our communities. I thank everyone who came and spent their Saturday." - Angela




  "I loved the option to opt-in to the conversation through our cell phones which simultaneously translated what the speakers were sharing from English to Spanish. I think we should continue to strive for inclusive efforts like this to include the diverse communities we serve. Our South Phoenix community is a strong, growing, and diverse one." - Alvaro


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