Facing the Struggles to Come, Together

Facing the Struggles to Come, Together

We know these are difficult times for Promise Arizona’s family and friends. So much of the news in recent weeks has not been good for our community. The ugly language and harsh policy announcements coming from the White House has never been more disturbing.


But we cannot lose heart. We will not lose heart. Our struggles are not new, but neither is our willingness to stand together and fight these latest challenges in the name of faith and love. PAZ was born in 2010 out of the fight and commitment to protect our immigrant brothers and sisters after Senate Bill 1070 was signed into law by Gov. Brewer.

Nearly seven years later, most of that bigoted law has been thrown out by the courts. Our vote helped Sheriff Joe Arpaio lose his race reelection, and this month he faces criminal charges in federal court. This week also brought one more victory with the news that Arpaio’s replacement, newly-elected Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone, will close the jail at Tent City.

Tent City has been a colossal waste of your taxpayer money and stood as a symbol of Arpaio’s hateful agenda. In the same way that Guantanamo Bay scarred the reputation of the United States, Tent City left a dark stain on Arizona’s image. Its closing was long overdue and helps begin to put behind us one of the darkest chapters in our state’s history.

Since taking office in January, Penzone has pledged to change the way his department does business. He has promised to root out corruption in the police force. He has pledged to treat immigrants, including undocumented immigrants, with the respect and dignity they deserve. He has created citizen advisory boards to gather community feedback on his department. He has insisted he will focus on the Sheriff’s Department’s primary mission: keeping the people, all of the people, of Maricopa County safe, while avoiding the circus-like conduct of his predecessor.

Time will tell if Sheriff Penzone keeps these promises.

In the meantime, Promise Arizona will stand with you in the face of whatever struggles may come.


Petra Falcon

Executive Director, Promise Arizona

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