Another Case in Arizona: Single Father Goes to his ICE check-in and Gets Detained

****We have more details on this case and what the next steps are for the father and the children left behind****


Single Father Goes to his ICE check-in and Gets Detained

Two U.S. Citizen Children are left behind due to Trump's Immigration Orders

Phoenix, AZ-  Juan Carlos Fomperosa Garcia, attended his first ICE check-in at the Phoenix ICE office, thinking he would be coming back home to celebrate his 14 year old son’s birthday.  Much like Guadalupe Garcia four weeks ago, he was arrested on the spot. Once again, leaving his children with nothing but a green bag of their father’s belongings that ICE officials brought them while they were waiting outside of the ICE office.


Due to Trump’s executive orders, immigrants that are priorities for removal have drastically expanded, increasing the amount of families separated across the country. While yesterday we heard President Trump mention some kind of immigration relief, the reality is that today two children were left behind with no parents.


Dozens of families will need to go to ICE for these kind of check-ins and it’s important for them to know the potential impacts this can have for families, and how they should prepare by seeking an attorney’s help and connecting with a community organization.


Who: Children of the detained father, along with community members.

What: Press conference highlighting the impact of ICE check-ins and the potential impacts for families.

Where: LUCHA Office- 3120 N 19th Ave. Suite 190, Phoenix, AZ 85301


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